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Thread: i637 Jack has gone to hell in a handbasket

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    i637 Jack has gone to hell in a handbasket

    I don't know how much longer I can put up with this phone. Let me run a list of the larger issues by you, and if anyone can help, I'd be much obliged.

    The phone is perpetually "Low on storage space," which results in me not being able to send picture messages except for one at a time, then go and delete it and send another. Why don't I clear space? The phone won't let me. I have no idea what's taking up most of the space, since I've not installed anything to the phone, and have deleted all multimedia and many other messages. What doesn't help is the fact that (Problem #2), every time it restarts, it restores around 60 deleted messages, including 20 odd multimedia messages. It won't actually delete them. You can delete them, but then on restart, they come back. There's another problem related to messaging and resart: It erases around a months worth of texts every time it restarts.

    This is exacerbated by it restarting absolutely randomly, with no input or prompt.

    It won't keep time. The clock often changes to an hour behind or ahead of what the time actually is. And I'm nowhere near a boundary on a time zone, though driving through one does make it crap itself. On top of the random changes now and then, recently it's been dropping an hour at night at random, resulting in me waking up a half hour or more late.

    Receive a call >> Press the "answer" key >> Phone hangs up. Probably a solid 80% of the time. I've had someone call me in front of me with it on the desk, have reached forward and pressed the key, and it ended the call right then without ever picking up.

    I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting to complain about, but I have class in the morning -_- AT&T is useless here, so if you guys can help in anyway, I'd seriously be thankful.

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    There seems to be something wrong with the firmware on this phone. One of my lines uses this phone and after a couple months the storage is full and it won't vibrate or make any noise except in call. The quickest way I could fix it was syncing with outlook, resetting, and then restoring all the contacts by syncing again.
    This user doesn't even use the internet on their phone and uses it as a feature phone. I have no clue what causes this.

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