I was downloading 3rd party programs such as games and a TV remote for my palmOne Treo when I came across a program that said it could increase the palm's performance and reactivity time. Now this phone is already fast and I didn't need it, but I figured faster is better right?

After I HOTSYNC'd the file over to the phone I pressed the icon and the phone rebooted. I figured that's what it was suppose to do. Well now all it does is load the palmOne screen, then goes to the "Palm Powered" screen, and shuts down and does the same thing OVER and OVER again.

Is there a master wipe I can do to clean the phone?
Is there a combination of buttons I push to reset the phone to factory?

Also, when I looked AFTER I installed. It said the program was NOT compatable with my Treo and it may cause crashes or other problems...