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Thread: G2 Signal issues?

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    Well I called T Mobile today and voiced my displeasure and told them all the issues.

    They're sending me a new battery and SIM card free, told me that the battery should be lasting close to double that with the moderate use I honestly told them.

    Said it might be a SIM card issue causing a lot of problems. They said even if it was the radio in the phone and other software or hardware issues, they would like me to try the SIM card swap first before they actually send me a new phone just to be sure...

    We'll see.

    I still try to keep hope, I really did love this phone at first. I guess worst comes worse, I'll see if they'll send me a MyTouch instead, hell I might even think about a Motorola Defy if they have at least 2.2 on it(haven't checked in a while...), I like the idea of how indestructible it is compared to other phones and although it's only 3G it's supposedly pretty fast. I love having the physical keyboard, but I've come to love Swype as well.

    On a sort of side note, they had me pull the battery today(sure not the first time I've had to, lol) and since simply doing that today, the battery life has actually been terribly worse. I can't find an explanation for that one, but it's true. I used to phone for about 15 minutes online, checked my email once, made one 15 minute call and it went from full 100% charge to completely dead in literally about 9 hours. I usually get about an hour of internet, 30 minutes talk and a bunch of texting with the same longevity. Amazing...

    The saga continues.

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    I'm on my 3rd G2. T-mobile has been kind enough to exchange them TWICE!

    Just got a new one a couple days ago, not too many dropped call. The last one

    ALMOST every call was DROPPING!!!

    I think the build quality of the G2.. maybe the radio.. maybe the antenna.. maybe all of it doesn't work.

    Love the 4G. Love the phone when it works. But the G2 has issues.


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    I'm surprised it's not more well covered that the G2/MT4G have poor radio performance and likely, really bad 3G reception.

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    I agree with everyone on the signal issue. It may very well be the NETWORK . I've had the htc g2, sensation(still have it), an old lg855 (was on sprint network - not on but the signal is always on 4 bars), & now have the optimus g pro (which is a beast btw) & they all have the same issues (using Simple Mobile). This would also include Samsung Galaxy(since they're all made by the same korean company). I have a friend in San Diego that has to go outside of her apt into a park to get reception & it still goes out if she moves out of the line of the towers, so both (radio & network) could be the culprits. Just think of how the companies have switched to focusing on the financing of phones instead of having a contract. Anyway when I go into certain buildings the signal will go out. I can't even use my phone in the apt I'm in (I use the wifi to make calls & text instead). Since experiencing this, I really don't feel the need to have to pay for a cell phone plan if the radio or the network on this phablet sucks just like the rest of the korean made phones. I'll be better off with a mobile wifi hotspot device. My mom has sprint with an old motorola phone that has wifi on it, but none of the phones I've had( iPhone 4 & 4s also) worked in this building. Now my brother has an iPhone 5 with At&t which runs on the same network as T Mobile/Simple Mobile & has similar issues. Now to add on to the T-Mobile service, I use my sensation as a backup phone with an unlmtd data & txt only plan & the signal STILL sucks.

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