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Thread: need help with Xtension; Nokia 5230

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    need help with Xtension; Nokia 5230

    I flashed my Nokia 5230 that was Rm-593. I Put on XTEnsion^10 Variant 1, but have a couple issues with it (Music Player not working, app store not opening) and want to change to another version of the same CFW, but now I am RM-588 according to *#0000# and dont know what base fw or variant of 588 I am. Please help.

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    Even though *#0000# says you are RM-588, you are still technically RM-593. To go back to the OFW, you would locate your product code behind your battery(most likely would be the prod code for fw v12.2.082).

    For another CFW version, if you used the RM-593 version that I uploaded for XTEnsion, use another RM-593 version as using the 588 version will cause issues(on RM-593, rofs3 doesn't override rofs2 for whatever reason, so if you flashed as you would with an RM-588 with just the custom rofs3 it would be the same cfw version with a few minor changes that would cause bugs)

    Also, XTEnsion Swift of RM-593 is confirmed to not work, so don't try using that variant.

    As for the App Store not working, you need to install the OVI App store. You can find a link to it on the first page of the XTEnsion firmware forum thread.

    With the music player not working, I would post in the original firmware thread and see if shadowninty can help you. I know some people have issues with it reading the folders, but most people have been able to fix that issue.

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