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Thread: Scanning Nokia 5220 Internal Memory with Data Recovery Software

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    Question Scanning Nokia 5220 Internal Memory with Data Recovery Software

    Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone could help me.

    I am trying to scan my Nokia 5220's internal memory with data recovery software. While my phone is connected by USB to my computer, a Nokia icon appears in my computer. Double clicking into that brings me to another icon titled: c: Phone Memory, which is great. My problem is my data recovery software cannot access this drive because it does not consider the Nokia icon as a drive and so it doesn't show it as an option to scan.

    I am trying to see if I can recover my files which mysteriously wiped from my phone's memory.

    Any help here would be great. Thank you.

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    I am having the same problem. Accidently deleted one note, which are situated on internal memory, and now I am trying to scan it with data recovery software. As I connect the phone (nokia n78) to a PC I get the same Nokia icon in Explorer and double clicking it brings me into the same folder C:Phone memory. The problem is also the same; many different software does not recognize this folder as an individual hard drive, therefore it is impossible to scan it.
    I have read somewhere that we should establish a connection via usb cable and use a written in c++ or something else programmimg based programe which would enable PC to recognize internal memory as a separate disk. Have not found any additional data or people who would have more information on how to do this. Also tried several service providers in our country but without any success.

    I am desperate in bringing back that note, so any help is more than welcome.

    Regards to all.

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