Yesterday morning my wife tried to call me after she had been rear-ended and totalled by some teenagers. When she finally reached me she had been trying to call 911 and me for several minutes and couldn't get through.

Later in the day, trying to call the girl-at-fault's insurance, neither phones could get through for nearly 30 minutes. It either rang busy for any number dialed or it would ring twice and go to a Verizon Wireless automated response saying something about connecting me to an operator so I can pay for a call with a credit card or calling card and then kept repeating the message. Also, the mobile web didn't work on either phone with the message "network unavailable" or "network failture" or something like that.

Is it normal to have outages like this with Straight Talk?

Suppose she couldn't reach 911 for 30 minutes when she was in the accident? Both girls that hit her were taken by ambulance, only because my wife managed to reach 911 after a few minutes. She said no other cars stopped to see if everyone was OK or call police. We've only had serving for a week, but if these outages are common we're gonna have to port back out to Verizon. While I've occasionally had a dropped call I've NEVER had a network failure with Verizon or Alltel in the past few years that we've had either of those.