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Thread: Having problems with 3G on BlackBerry Bold 9700

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    Having problems with 3G on BlackBerry Bold 9700

    Hello all:

    I am new to the forum and am hoping greater minds than myself can help me out. A friend of mine recommended that I try here as there are a lot of knowledgeable folks on this board.

    I bought a barely used BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the phone refuses to connect to the 3G network. The seller had unlocked the phone as the phone is a Wind branded phone and he was a Fido member and said it worked fine for him.

    I had checked out the phone prior to buying it (i.e. I put my SIM card in) and the EDGE network came up. At the time the 3G didn't come up (I believe) but I was happy that it was working.

    After coming home and using it for a while I noticed the 3G would not come up. While doing some diagnostics I noticed that when I went into Options>Mobile Network and selected "3G & 2G" or "2G" the Mobile Network was identified as ROGERS and everything was good but when I try "3G" I get the infamous red SOS by the tower symbol and the Mobile Network is identified as 302-320.

    I also came across this thread and am wondering if I can't or won't be able to get this phone to work on the Rogers 3G network:

    I was buying this phone as a replacement for my wife's non-3G BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and I have a BlackBerry Bold 9000 from work so I've been trying to compare settings to see if anything is amiss.

    If anybody out there has any ideas or suggestions please pass them on.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Wind phones won't work on Rogers/Fido 3G. It will only work on Rogers/Fido 2G. If you want 3G use Wind or Mobilicity.

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    Drankcrow v3inew is correct, it will not work on 3g unless you go to wind or Mobilicity. Why not list it on the BST and try and get one that will work for you?

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    Thanks for the info v3inew. I had opened the same thread in the more appropriate location and got answers there so I've been slow to respond here.

    rockjock -- already have gotten one that's Rogers branded and it works fine. Have put the Wind one back on Craigslist to sell and it should go fast.

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