I used to have an xv6700, with free QNC data on pageplus. The phone eventually died. I replaced it with a PPC 6700. Since Pageplus now has fairly affordable data plans (1200 minutes/1200 txt/ 50mb data for $29.98 a month) I thought I'd go ahead and give up the QNC data and pay for the real thing.

After doing an ESN change to the new phone, I found that doing a *22890 didn't work to program the phone (it failed instantly). I did a *228, an it worked. I'm able to send TXT, and make voice calls... but no data or MMS.

The phone has built-in epst, but I can't find anything worth changing that would effect data access? Is there something I need to alter in QPST to get the data working?

Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.