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Thread: How To: Evo web and apps very simple to follow

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    How To: Evo web and apps very simple to follow

    Thanks to everybody for there great knowledge and or posting and trying to help us get apps working on evo!!

    First you need web working
    So Lets Begin First you will need the following Items

    1. Cdma-Workshop (Any Build) i will not post.....hint....Search
    2. Qpst v2.7 build 323 (Warez not allowed by HoFo please SEARCH)
    3. Htc Hero DIAG Drivers (I Have Attached This)
    4. Htc Sync (Its On The Link At The Bottom)
    5. BetterCut or Anycut ( I have made a link for...Anycut)
    6. Android Sdk installed on computer
    Ok Now that we have the Files Lets Start Flashing

    1. Press ##DIAG# (##3424) on your phone You will see a screen Pop Up Thats Normal

    2. Now plug The phone up to the computer and it will try and find the drivers but it will fail or ask you to locate the drivers manually so make sure you remember where you unzipped the files

    3. Once you have that setup Go to Cdma-Workshop Go To the port the phone is on and Read From the Phone and go to the Security Tab.....and On the Spc Section Read The lock Code and write it to back to the phone so it says unlocked Then make the code 000000 and rewrite the code so it says sucess.

    4. Now Close Cdma-Workshop and Open QPST Configuration Click On The Ports Tab and Add New Port ( Make Sure Show Serial and Usb/QC Diag Ports Only is Unchecked) and Add The Port Of Your Hero.
    5.Highlight Your Port and Click Start Client and Start Service programming and Press Read From Phone The SPC should be all 0's so click on the M.I.P. Tab and Change The Mobile IP Behavior To Simple Ip. Edit The M.I.P. Profiles at the Top. Your NAI and Tethered NAI should be ([email protected]

    6. Next Click On The PPP Config Tab and Click the UM Button your user id should be ([email protected] or [email protected]) and the password and tethered NAI should be metropcs or cricket Do the Same For the AN Button and press Write to Phone It should Give You a Error But Dont Worry About It

    7. Press ##DATA# (##3282#) And Setup your Data for your phone and press menu and Commit So your phone Will Reboot

    8. Go to Menu + All aps and click on voice dialer and say open proxy settings and set up the proxy at Port 3128

    Next you will need Your Phone rooted and with a Custom Rom to get the apps working. You Can search google on how to do that. make sure you are fully rooted not the unrevoked **** and have a custom or it wont work

    1) Go to and download the ZIP file containing the precompiled binary of u2nl and (it's the link labeled precompiled arm binary). Unzip the download and locate the files u2nl and for the eris (in the main folder and autostart\htcheroeris\metropcs subfolder of the unzipped file, respectively).

    2) With the microSD card into your phone, connect your phone to your computer and select Disk Drive mode. copy both u2nl and to the root of your SD card. Once finished, disconnect the phone from your computer.

    3) On the phone, enable USB debugging by going to Settings > Applications > Development. This will help reduce the chances that Superuser request will lock up the phone. You can turn USB debugging off after you've completed the guide.

    4) Using WiFi, download and install Autostart (Root) by from the Android Market Place. Once Autostart finishes installing, exit the Android Market Place and turn off WiFi.

    5) Connect your phone to your computer and select HTC Sync mode. On the computer, open up a DOS command prompt window. You can do this by going to Start > Run and then typing in cmd [ENTER].

    When using adb shell Make sure you have root access at the command line (the prompt should be # and not $)

    6) You are now going to start an adb shell to copy the files you downloaded in Step 1 to the phone as well as changing some permissions. There are many ways to accomplish this same task: from the adb shell, a terminal emulator on the phone, or a combination there of. This is only my suggested way as it has worked for me without issue. During the process outlined bellow, the phone may ask you to allow for Superuser Permissions when you issue the su command. If it does ask, click Allow on the phone. In the command prompt windows type the following:

    adb shell
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
    cd /data
    mkdir opt
    chmod 0755 /data/opt
    chmod 0755 /system/bin
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system
    cp /sdcard/ /data/opt/
    cp /sdcard/u2nl /system/bin/u2nl
    chmod 0755 /data/opt/
    chmod 0755 /system/bin/u2nl

    7) Once the phone reboots, Superuser Permissions will ask if you want to allow Autostart to run at system startup. Click Always Allow. From there you should have all apps working and web if not retry and MAKE SURE YOU ARE FULLY ROOTED WITH CUSTOM ROM ROOT ROOT ROOT ROOT AND ROOT

    For Data Call Failure Errors

    adb root
    adb remount
    adb shell
    cd /system/app
    mv HtcDm.apk HtcDm.apk.old

    killac93 from xda-developers
    drunkenmojo Drom HowardForums
    SYNTHAXXX From Xda-developers
    hetaldp From Xda-developers
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    Thanks for the write-up. However the HtcDm.apk fix didn't work for me. I am still receiving the Data Call Failure (error code 98) messages. They come up every time I switch from 3G to WiFi...and at other times it appears to be when I lose 3G service or the phone switches between 3G and WiFi.

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    if you want PM me and ill create a flash (my eris one should actually work) that will cleanup the build.prop and make the eri.xml display the proper carrier text on aosp roms as well as automate the adb pusing and setting the proper permissions to only the files and correct the telephony.db properly without having to use apn backup and restore or use anycut/bettercut.

    or if you prefer i can give you the commands that are executed to include into your guide. I have found when going to AOSP sometimes not having the proper carrier listed in build.prop will make MMS fail to work even with the correct APN settings.

    The flash would eliminate step 5 and 6 of you post. as well as eliminate the need to download install and setup htc sync (or diag drivers) \ android sdk \ and manipulation of the command prompt which can be tricky for some users.

    Also you mention anycut or bettercut at the top, from my understanding having the proxy set 2x (once in the, via iptables and u2nl, and 2nd via anycut or bettercurt) will slow down the browser speed.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks for the tut but i was trying this with my htc incredible and everytime i get to the mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system (second time) it restarts my phone. i also tried it through the android terminal emulator and u2nl wont show up in system/bin after i paste.. any solution.... i rooted and have a custom rom on my incredible if this info helps

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