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Thread: Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Help!

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    Exclamation Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Help!

    Well, I have a Aqua/white Nokia 5310 from T-mobile and I wanted to ""de-brand"" it. So I tried what one of my friends did and followed instructions on a forum he was on. So I did so and changed the product code like it said, I changed the phone to RED Unbranded and it didn't "de-brand" it, it some how just changed the color of the internal themes and some specs. It all seems the same but now my phone is getting the most awful reception, I have to stand on my bed to get more then 1 bar, 2 at best. And whats worse is I forgot my original product code. I've check on the back of my phone for it but there is no stickers back there because I got my phone as a refurbished replacement because a teacher took it from me and lost it... but my bf cant call, no one can call me, only some calls. and texts bombard me at 10:00pm at night and not coming through like they should over the time of day. sorry for ranting just I'm upset about the whole situation. So dose anyone know of how I can fix this problem? I've found codes for Aqua/white but the NSS dose not recognize the product code change. I've Asked T-mobile about the situation but all they do is sit on their A**ES and wine that I have to buy out my contract for a new phone.... I love this phone, I do not want to have to get a new one. Help???!?!?!

    The Husky

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    Hi I don't know what you did to de-brand it but try this method

    1st back up your phones pictures numbers so on

    2nd download Nokia phone software updater from

    install the program restart PC if needed plug in your phone via usb to PC and read on screen instructions

    if it says you have the latest software on your phone their should be option to reinstall latest software...

    hope that fixes your problem.

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