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Thread: How to make your iPhone 4 Bumper compatible with 3rd party chargers

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    Thumbs up How to make your iPhone 4 Bumper compatible with 3rd party chargers/FM Tuners

    I have an old DLO Transdock micro car charger and FM tuner that I have used since my original iPhone 2G. I have always liked this one because there is minimal interference compared to others that I have tried, plus it has a cord that will allow me to talk on it if I get a call while driving.

    With that being said I got my bumper in and while I really like it, it is not compatible with the USB charger that goes with the DLO. From what I've been reading, most of the chargers out there are not compatible. The problem is that while the connection pins are the same, the 3rd party chargers are a hair too wide to completely connect with the charging pins in the phone.

    Fixing this is easy and took me about 15 minutes. At the bottom of your bumper you will notice the slot where the charging cord goes in. Inside that port in the bumper there is a very thin layer of plastic. When the layer of plastic is removed it immediately makes the other chargers work with the phone.

    All you need is an exacto knife and a little patience. Just simply take the knife to the inside of the bumper and move it in a circular motion around the rim of the port. The plastic easily peels off with the knife making the entire port large enough for other chargers to fit in. Its very simple and the end result is your bottom port being a little larger but allowing the other chargers to work with your phone. I hope this helps and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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    It is people like you who make the Internet great.... Thank you so much for this!


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    Do you think you can post pictures? I'm trying to do this but no "plastic" is peeling?

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    Thank you for this, bookmarked!

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