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Get the hero flashed to revol. Would be a better idea to have revol do it because they won't add the esn manually if you do it yourself. Their prl's are hard to find anyway. Good luck trying to smooth talk them.

First of all, thanks to Brandon on his original guide on cricket.
Brandon's Guide on Cricket

Changing SPC and preparing the setup
************************************************** *********************************
Followed Brandon's original guide on cricket and made a few modifications to fit revol.

What you need:
1. CDMA Workshop
3. HTC Diag drivers for Hero(64-bit windows won't work). HTC Sync drivers will do. Can find it on sprint or htc website, htcsync2.0.3x or try my upload. Attachment 66881
4. Your Hero and USB Cable
*Can't link some of the softwares because they are warez. Google would help you find them.

1. After installing all the items, dial ##3424#. DIAG mode screen should pop up, "DM Command Service".
2. Plug your phone in through USB. Choose HTC Sync on phone. Drivers should install.
3. If the drivers installed successfully, open QPST Configuration, Listed under QPST Folder on start menu.
4. Click Ports, then click "Add New Port". You should see a port in the left part of the window. If not, unselect the button that says "Show Serial And USB/QC Diagnostic Ports Only".
5. Select the port and Click OK. There may be several ports, so repeat this process until you see a port where it says "Surf..." or goto device manager to find the exact port for the hero.
6. Take not of which port says Surf, then open CDMA Workshop. Do not close QPST Configuration yet.
7. On the right side of the window select the same port as was in QPST with the word "Surf..." next to it and click "connect".
8. Click on the Security Tab on the top of the screen and click "Read" under the SPC/User Lock, ensuring that the default setting is listed in the drop-down menu.
9. Select the 6 digit number it generates and copy it.
*If you are not able to get SPC with that, try the guide in the attached file(Not my work).Attachment 66880
10. Go back to the QPST Configuration and click on "Start Clients" and click on
"Service Programming".
11. It will come up with a window displaying active phones. You should see one, the Surf....(whatever). Select it and click OK.
12. Click "read from phone". It will ask you for an MSL/SPC Code. Paste the 6 digit code you copied earlier and click Ok. In the settings tab you will see a box for the MSL/SPC code. Replace whatever is written in it with six zeros (000000) and check the "SPC Change Enabled box".
13. Click The Display Tab and type "Revol" in the Banner.
14. Click Write to Phone on the bottom. Ignore any errors that occur.
15. Unplug phone. and restart the phone.

************************************************** ****************************

1. Connect Phone Via QPST and open Service Programming. (See steps 1-3, 10 above)
2. Once you have began Programming, click "Read From Phone". It will ask you for an SPC/MSL code. That code should now be six zeros (000000) -see step 12 above.
3. Click M.IP and set Mobile IP Behavior as MOB + Simp...
4. Select any profiles (there should be 1 or 2) listed under User Profiles, and click edit. Do the following for all profiles.
5. Make sure that "Profile enabled" is checked and enter in the following:

NAI: [email protected]
Tethered NAI: [email protected]

6. Change home address to all zeros, primary ha to, and secondary HA to
7. On both HA Shared and AAA Shared Secret, click enter text string and type in the following password (all lower case): revol
8. Change MN-HA SPI to 12C and MN-AAA SPI to 2.
9. click ok
10. Do for all profiles
11. Set active user as 0.
12. Click PPP Config
13. The "Um" Button
14. Under user ID enter [email protected] as well as for tethered NAI. If a text box is black with red lines in it, click it and press ctrl D. Enter revol in the password box.
15.Click "AN" Button and repeat step 12.
16. Click "write to phone". Ignore any errors that occur.
17. Unplug phone
18. Dial ##3282#, click advanced. Fill in settings

Slot Cycle Index:0 can leave as default but changing this to 0 will let you get

messages and calls faster
Vocode disable
Home Orig:Voice 13k also can leave as default but voice 13k is way better than EVRC or anything else
Roam Orig:Voice 13k
Home Sys Reg:enable
Foreign SID reg:enable
Home SID/NID#1:4139/65535

So after setting your PST settings click menu>commit modifications
let the phone restart,, after restart you should get the little 1x at the status bar of your screen. If you don't see it, go to your phone. Select settings>Wireless & Networks>Enable mobile network. Create a widget at home. Click the +, widget, settings, mobile network.
* Sometimes when you restart your phone, the net might not work just click on the mobile network widget, disconnecting it and reconnecting it again(that is renewing ip).

Good news then, your net should be working now, try the internet, google maps, slacker radio. They all should work. No proxy needed
Attachment 66882Attachment 66883

************************************************** *******************************
(My original work)
After making sure web works,

1. Download APN Backup & Restore(Android Market)
2. Click Backup APNs
3. Goto your sdcard/ApnBackupRestore
4. Click the apn file and edit under windows or on your phone.
5. Look for the line that says Production and edit.....

<apn name="Production" numeric="00000" mcc="310" mnc="00" apn="1"

user="[email protected]" server="null" password="revol" proxy="null"

port="" mmsproxy="" mmsport="" mmsprotocol="2.0"

mmsc="http://mms.revol.us/revol/mms.php" type="mms" />

6. Save the file(make sure you save it)
7. Open the APN Backup & Restore program
8. Click delete APNs(Very important)
9. Click Restore APNs
10. Close the program
11. Goto messages>menu>settings>connection settings. Make sure everything is as you edited. You should see Name(Production), MMSC(http://mms.revol.us/revol/mms.php), MMS proxy(not set), MMS port(not set), MMS protocol(WAP 2.0).
12. If everything is just as it is, viola you are all set...
Picture message away.
Attachment 66879
If you encounter any problems, please go back to the steps and make sure you didn't miss anything, and if you see any error, please don't hesitate to PM me. Good luck.

i followed the steps 3 times and it still isnt working on my evo. i have the 3g icon but no web access. does anyone know how to get this working?