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Thread: Flashing VZW enV2 VX9100 to work on Sprint. Is it possible?

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    Flashing VZW enV2 VX9100 to work on Sprint. Is it possible?

    Hi all,
    I am moving over to Sprint in a few days but my wife loves her env2 and doesnt want to part with it. Is there any way for me to flash her phone to work on Sprint?

    Thanks all
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    not unless you somehow convince the sprint rep to put a Verizon esn/meid into the system (very very very unlikely) other than that there is no LEGAL way to get that phone on sprint

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    You MIGHT be able to. I have an EnV Touch on US Cellular (even though it was said to be impossible...) so that gives me some hope for you.

    Here's what you do:

    Go to Sprint and get her a comparable phone to use for a month or so. After that month, call up sprint and tell them that you want to change the esn for that line because you bought a new phone on eBay (Make sure you say NEW, as in unopened, never before activated!). Tell them that it is a Sprint phone (I personally would say it is a rumor 2 or a rumor touch, just make sure you tell them its an LG Sprint phone) and give them the MEID of the phone. They should be able to change it over the phone and (if they are like USCC) they will go through the process of programming the phone with you.

    But before you go through with programming, upload the sprint PRL to the EnV2 so it is in the correct towers. When they tell you how to get into the programming (they might say something like "enter ##program265 or the like), just enter ##program9200 and enter 000000 for the service code. Go into service programming and enter the MIN and MDN they give you for your number. The phone should restart, and you will have calls and texts. As far as pictures, internet and all that extra stuff goes, you're on your own. I don't have any experience flashing for Sprint.
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