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Thread: Need help with call forwarding.....

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    Need help with call forwarding.....


    Brand new here......hoping I can find some help.

    I have a Rogers Blackberry 8520 and want to have my calls when unanswered for to my voicemail at work instead of to the Rogers voicemail box.

    The problem I am having is that when I go to the section of call forwarding and enter the phone number, I need to also enter a pause then my extension so it goes to my personal voicemail box, and it doesnt let me enter a pause.

    Any help as to how I may be able to set this up.....


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    first things first, you can not forward to an extention, it has to be a DID. secondly, you can not change conditional forwarding untill you remove the voicemail soc code from your account. its voicemail or CCF, not both.

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