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Thread: Treo 800w

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    Treo 800w

    How would i go about getting a Treo 800w (sprint) on Verizon? If i send it in for testing would they put the verizon PRL on it?

    I've tried searching everywhere and couldnt find anything.
    I appreciate your help.

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    I sure wish I knew.
    I just bought a Sprint Treo Pro yesterday and am running into serious problems getting it activated.

    When I dial *228 I get a voice telling me my account cannot be validated.

    One problem is the phone's MEID /ESN isn't in Verizon's DMD (Device Manufacturer Database) and so their normal techs can't activate it.

    I suspect there are other problems.
    Maybe the phone's ILP/SLP (Initial Loader Program and Secondary Loader Program; basically the phone's BIOS) need updating to something Verizon specific.

    Maybe the radio stack portion of the ROM needs updating.

    There's an MSL (Master Subsidiary Lock) code on the phone too. This code protects what the phone thinks of as its phone number, emergency numbers, A-Key (Authentication Key code), the PRL (Preferred Roaming List) you mentioned.

    On all Verizon phones this MSL code is 000000 (6 0s).
    There's a great little program that runs on Windows Mobile phones which will tell you your MSL here:
    It gives you lots of other data from deep inside your phone as well.
    Note that it needs a fairly recent version of .NET - I think at least v 3.5.

    Also, Verizon seems to have some conflicting policies.
    On one hand I've been told by a rep at a local store and a rep on Verizon's tech support number that by policy they do not activate non-Verizon branded phones.

    On the other hand there was the announcement of their new "Any App, Any Device" policy starting in 2008.

    Note I have yet to find that QPST program for download and would love pointers to finding one that doesn't include any malware.

    FYI, mostly from

    Note these interesting codes:
    DMR mode for sprint is

    Whereas DMR for vzw is
    ##3424 and press the send key

    Also EPST for sprint is

    whereas this for a vzw phone is

    ##778 and hit the send key

    Field Trial for Sprint:

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    Some users have had success activating Sprint phones but AFAIK depends on getting a phone rep who will manually add the ESN to the database, chances of that happening are slim.
    The whole open device program is a joke. cdma in this country will never be open.