I have recently purchased a 2007 Macbook Pro and want to use my BB9700 Bold phone tethered to it. I had some issues initially with tethering it to my PC but that works excellent now. The script that I used on the PC doesn't seem to work on the Mac though. I have looked through the forums and searched high and low, trying everything that I can find on here and nothing seems to be working. Still getting the PPP error saying connection could not be established. I have isp.telus.com as the APN, *99# phone#, no pw or username. I don't have my PC nearby to say the full script that was on there, but it was the standard script the BB Desktop manager writes in automatically creating a tether connection. From all that I have read, I shouldn't have to adjust any settings in my phone but can't seem to get the right setup in the Mac. Anyone have a similar setup that works? I don't really want to go to an Iphone just yet.