Phone: Sony Ericsson Equinox
Carrier: T-Mobile
Okay, so I used a2uploader to transfer a customize.xml file, and new to my phone. However, the old menu structure stays the same. What i mean is, there is a 3x4 row of icons, as there should be, but only 6 of them work. They work like the default T-Mobile menu of six rotating icons.
So what I need to know is, does anyone know where the T-Mobile settings are located when I'm viewing them in a2uploader? I need to know what they're called and where they're located to delete them, to restore the menu to default Sony Ericsson Equinox, not the Nerfed T-mobile version. Also, shortcut keys and startup scrns are still locked. Anyone got any ideas?

(Basically, I need to delete the carrier's locked settings).

Any help is appreciated, thanx!