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Thread: Apple Tupperware

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    Apple Tupperware

    Interesting thing happened last week. I work at a law firm. A coworker showed me a flyer about a get together (lunch) with other law firms to discuss how technology can help lawyers and paralegals. The emphasis was on technology...the flyer said smartphones, netbooks and tablet pcs...

    It was a filled room, alot of lawyers and paralegals. I was interested since the flyer stated a discussion on how technology will help with everyday work. The host made a comment about what a smartphone and brought out his iphone. He said that nothing compares to it and no phone out there can do what it does. So that comment made me think that maybe this person is either an Apple fanboy or is he getting paid by Apple to pitch these type of functions to professionals.

    He gave a run down about the iphone of all its features. People started asking about other phones in the market. All were mention, but smartphones that ran on Windows Mobile. So I gave an introduction to my Touch Pro 2 and its functions. What favor them was the conference call feature. But the host cut me off and kept pitching Apple products. He then moved to the Ipad.

    He said he was at the unveiling when Steve Jobs revealed the Ipad. So he painted a picture of everything the Ipad offered. How amazing this product will help every professional with their everyday needs. So then I pointed out some of its flash multitask.... and the host gets upset and says why am I making it a Windows vs Apple I simply ask that this sounds like an Apple Tupperware... After I mentioned it flaws, alot of the professionals were asking why is that? Why do I need a dock? Why can I watch flash support videos? He then retracted and gave a spill on how Apple is so successful and its products are lifesaving...

    He had a couple of his associated that started passing information on Apple software for the Iphone. My lunch was up...

    This little get together appeared as in Apple has very strategic way of making customers or maybe this lawyer is just a big Apple fanboy...he didn't mentioned Microsoft in his presentation at all.

    Just my two cents.

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    Wow. Very interesting story. I would love to attend something like that myself.

    Who was the "sponsor" of the lunch? Retail store, another law firm...