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Thread: SMS Spam

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    SMS Spam

    I can't say it has never happened, but I don't recall ever receiving SMS spam while an Alltel customer. Since being switched to Verizon, I received 1 via email and 1 via SMS.

    I've since disabled email SMS, but can't do much else if I want to still receive texts from friends.

    Each time I contacted Verizon CS because I have problem in principle with paying to receive spam. The last time I contacted CS, I was told that if I switched to a Verizon phone with a Verizon plan, I'd have many more options in blocking SMS spam. When I inquired for more info (this was via email) a different rep described only the ability to completely shut off SMS and MMS completely in addition to email blocking.

    My Google Voice account has an option to block known spam callers play a "this number is disconnected tone." I would love to see the cell phone companies offer something like this. You figure after the first 100 marketing calls or SMS messages go out, the Verizon system should be smart enough to blacklist the sender/caller.

    During my last communication with CS, they did say "Verizon Wireless has been successful at blocking most unsolicited messages from reaching our subscribers" which almost sounds like the Google Voice feature, but the conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the cell companies don't want to block SMS or voice spam because it makes them money.

    Does anyone know -- is Verizon looking out for its customers and doing something to combat spam and marketing calls or is the conspiracy theory closer to the truth?

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    I have yet to receive any SMS spam on my cellphone, even after the Verizon conversion.
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