Looking for some user input on the app "Do Not Disturb" by Riffware. Available from the Verizon Media Store, $2.99/mo or $16 unlimited. (Last year, one article states, it was available for about $6, unlimited; price musta jumped after that). Saw no technical data for it, i.e., what phones does it work on? Does it cause a delay with unblocked calls ringing through? Can unwanted calls be just terminated, or do they get the option to go to voicemail? Haven't been able to find any user reviews on it.
It does seem that one could just make the phone's default ringtone "no ring", and make sure that all other contacts have a defined ringtone. Then any unknown caller would not ring the phone, have the option to go to voicemail, and you could see the number as a "missed call".
Is anyone actually using the "Do Not Disturb" app?