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Thread: Samsung A887 Solstice Java Game upload "How to via USB" .

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    Samsung A887 Solstice Java Game upload "How to via USB" .

    Greetings phone geeks.

    For those of you looking for instructions for uploading games and apps to your Solstice, look no farther.

    I found instructions on 2 different sites but it seemed lots of people had problems making it work.

    So after banging my head against a wall for 3 days trying to get those instructions to work with no luck I started looking to other Samsung How to's and came up with this a solution.

    This how to is a combination of 2 different "How to's" and here it is.

    -Lets Start-

    Make sure you’ve changed your phone’s USB configuration from Samsung to Qualcomm.

    Here is how, from the dial screen type in *#0523#

    Now hit the left side of the rocker button until you see the options listed below.

    [1] Debug Screen
    [2] Version Information
    [3] RF Test
    [4] UMTS rf nv
    [5] Read gsm rf nv
    [6] Write gsm rf nv
    [7] Band Base
    [8] Audio
    [9] Common

    press 9

    you should see

    [1] Batt, Temp
    [2] FTM NV read
    [3] FTM NV set
    [4] FTM NV unset
    [5] Version Info
    [6] USB Configuration
    [7] DIAG Configuration
    [8] Power on info
    [9] Camera Tuning

    press 6

    you should see

    [1] Samsung USB []
    [2] Qualcom USB []
    [3] PictBridge USB []

    press 2 to change the USB driver setting to Qualcom.

    leave the phone exactly as it is- don’t press anything else.

    Then download the Qualcomm USB driver at
    and unzip the contents to a temporary location. Connect up your phone
    via the USB cable, and manually select the qualcomm drivers you just
    unzipped. Two or more devices should appear, a USB modem and a USB
    diagnostic port.
    After the drivers install and all devices are found you can exit out to the main screen of your phone.

    From that point you will need to find the port in windows device manager for the new modem you installed.

    Now follow the TKFileExplorer instructions and load each game one at a time.
    (note)….you may need to reset the qualcom usb setting on your phone after each Java DB update as the update may change the usb setting back to Samsung.

    How to Installation and usage of TKFileExplorer
    1) Download TKFileExplorer: Run the program and it should look like an explorer window. (Make sure PC Studio is closed as well as the tray icon)

    2) Go to Settings -> COM -> Click on the drop selection under ‘Port’ and select one that’s available.

    3) Click ‘Connect’

    4) The phone should connect if done properly.

    5) Games are located in /Exe/Java/Games/, When transferring games make sure that you have both the .JAR and .JAD files. JADGen can be downloaded: [here] Just drag the .JAR file and drag it to JADGen.exe to generate a .JAD file.

    Note: When copying the game onto the phone, it is easier to create a folder in the phone and transfer the .jar file then the .jad file one at a time. Dragging multiple folder/files may cause the connection to freeze, lag or lose connection.

    How to Accessing Admin Settings w/ Master Key

    Note: Once you have finished transferring all the games/applications you want. Do the following:

    6) Go back to the home screen and tap ‘Dial’ input the following: (For Admin Settings) *#6984125*#

    7) Tap on ‘Internals’, Input the following code (Master Key). *#3818790*#

    8) Tap on ‘Storage Settings’

    9) Tap on ‘Update Java DB’, Now scroll down to where it says ‘Update app database’ and Tap on that.

    10) It should take a couple of seconds to update.

    11) Once updated you can check out your new games/apps

    Ok, that’s all. If you have any other problem, leave it here, we’ll help you to solution it as soon as possible.

    It makes no difference if you have the New Samsung Pc Studio installed, just make sure the program is not running and the tray icon is closed.

    I hope this helps those of you who can not get a port using the Samsung software.

    I check this page a couple times a day so leave any questions that you may have, and I will try to help if I can.


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    Just wondering if this works for those that can't get a working port with the Samsung Pc Studio method?

    Happy New Year.
    Mikie The Great.