Glu Mobile - Diner Dash: Flo on the Go
SE Versions

"Here is the third part of the mega-popular logical arcade! Nimble waitress Flo is still in business and ready to serve every one of clients with the most exacting demands! With it you have to work as waiters on a cruise liner in the dining-car Orient Express and even a submarine and the airship! Go to this tasty journey, visitors are seated, take orders and check to see that all were satisfied and did not expect the service too long. In reward you will receive a generous tip, which Flo will buy a new wardrobe! More importantly, perhaps, you will be able to fulfill the dream Flo-found among clients oligarch and marry him!"

Thanx to @kriker

SE 128x160 (K500):

SE 176x220 (S312):

SE 176x220 (W302):

SE 240x320 (T707):