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Thread: windows mobile vs palm

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    Question windows mobile vs palm

    I have a pda and phone. I'm looking to move up the ladder and get an all in one device.

    The PDA is a Sony clie NZ90 which runs palm OS 5. I am using zlauncher to manage the apps. This device has such a user friendly interface.

    In looking at the windows mobile I borrowed friend's brother's old Dell Axim PDA running pocker PC 2003. I figured that this might help me get used to the windows side of things. After about half an hour, I wanted to chuck the device. I couldn't figure out how to install programs, how to launch programs I coppied to the device and found myself having to click start programs... to launch a program. Has the OS changed greatly since 2003 and gotten better to use or is it different on a smartphone?

    The reason I'm researching windows mobile is that I want to be able to run pocket quicken on my smartphone and it's only available for palm, blackberry and wm.

    Someon please try to sell me on the windows OS.

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    Winmo 6.1 is a huge step up from 2003

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