Can someone fill me in on this thread...I am seeking answers to these myths/questions from a following post...I want to know how can I change my HTC theme?


A) Running TF3D you can only change the wallpaper on the 1st "home" page, unless you install a cab allowing background on all tabs.

I can’t even get the wallpaper to run on the home page without the cab and what’s the name of this cab I’ll need to make this happen?

B) If u r running TF3D and change a theme it will only change the top and bottom task and tray bars and possibly some coloring in menus. If you check the box "use this background" and select a pic. that pic will be used for the start menu background.

This is exactly what’s been happening and I don’t want this result.

C) 2nd-Running Windows Default "Titanium" selecting a theme there will apply it to the entire Titanium interface and unless you check the box to "Use this background" The themes background should be utilized.

Yeah, I tried it this way and didn’t like the navigation style but did enjoy the bkgd picture. I ended up changing it back to TF3D.

D) I hope this makes sense. There are other themes for TF3D which change the entire interface but as I said b4 they are more complex. Example is the BBExtreme theme for Rhodium or "TF3D".

Sort of kinda, sorry. In what way makes the BBExtreme theme complex…does it not install the same way as you would normally do any other vga theme? Smiling--I think the BBExtreme is what I’m looking for bcuz I want to change the whole look of my theme…from the backgrd to the layout design of the theme. Consider it “plastic surgery” for my theme and not just a different color outfit. I’ve seen guys with themes that were designed completely different looking from mines. They were able to personalize their own HTC Touch Pro and I loved IT! I just wish I could get this to work for me as well too.

Without trying to be a hassle or appearing like an air-head; What is going to be the most easiest way to make this happen? A step by step would be nice…:^)!