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Thread: Backup Assistant mixed up my contacts w/ someone else's!

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    Backup Assistant mixed up my contacts w/ someone else's!

    I have Backup Assistant but it hasn't been working for a while...every morning I got a message saying it had failed. I just shrugged it off and entered new contacts by hand. Now, I just got a new phone so the first thing I did was install BA, I figured it would work now and I went online to update my contacts with any new numbers I wanted in there. Much to my surprise, I found LOTS of names and numbers listed in there that I don't recognize! Including someone's "Dad" which, when I reversed the number, gave me someone's name and address, along with the names of a couple of women, presumably his wife etc. These are total strangers to me and no way should I have their info...and does this mean someone else has my contacts? WTH?!

    So my question is, has anybody else heard of something like this happening? This could be rather serious - that's people's private information, and now I have no assurance that my contacts have been kept private either. I work as a P.I. so I know this information could be damaging if it fell into the wrong hands.
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