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Thread: BitPim with LG VX8500 Chocolate - data does not transfer from cell to PC

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    BitPim with LG VX8500 Chocolate - data does not transfer from cell to PC

    My cell screen broke and I have been trying to transfer the data from the cell to my PC. I bought the USB data cable (one in the Music Kit) and downloaded the proper driver. However, I was only successful in retrieving calendar information. Phone book, SMS, basically nothing else seems to be able to be retrieved. I cannot even get the Filesystem folders to open long enough to get information from there. This is the log entry from BitPim. Does someone have a solution to this? Any help is appreciated!

    20:00:03.953 COM5: Opening port COM5, 115200 baud, timeout 59.000000, hardwareflow 0, softwareflow 0

    20:00:03.953 COM5: Open of comm port suceeded

    20:00:03.953 LG-VX8500: Attempting to contact phone

    20:00:03.953 LG-VX8500: Retrieving fundamental phone information

    20:00:03.953 LG-VX8500: Phone serial number

    20:00:03.967 LG-VX8500: Now in brew mode

    20:00:03.967 LG-VX8500: Reading group information

    20:00:04.062 LG-VX8500: Getting file contents 'pim/pbgroup.dat'

    20:00:04.108 LG-VX8500: Reading wallpaper-index

    20:00:04.187 LG-VX8500: Getting file contents 'dload/image.dat'

    20:00:46.437 COM5: Read Exception: (995, 'GetOverlappedResult', 'The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.')

    20:00:46.500 Error: Device needs attention - LG-VX8500 on COM5

    LG-VX8500 on COM5: The phone is not responding while manipulating the filesystem.

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    found a video on youtube that shows how to set up bitpim - one thing that it shows is ...... make sure that device is in Modem Mode. .... that could be your problem...according to your listings, you are not in modem mode.