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Thread: Please Read Before Posting

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    Post Please Read Before Posting

    Unlocking Policy

    All HoFo users please note that there should be NO more posting of "how do I unlock this phone" or "free unlocking" type posts in ANY forum, This includes remote unlocking aswell as posting links to unlocking sites. Please refer the marketplace forum for your unlocking inquiries.


    Please ignore trollers. Replying to them and flaming them only encourages them. Instead, just report them to me and I'll deal with it in a timely fashion. If I'm not available, feel free to PM one of the Super Moderators and they will take care of it in my absence.

    For those who don't know what a troll or trolling is I pulled this definition off the Internet:

    Section 1: What Is A Troll?
    The WWW gives this as a definition:

    troll v.,n. To utter a posting to attract predictable responses or flames. The following extract is from a broader expansion of the defining comment given above:

    A provocative posting to a newsgroup or forum intended to produce a large volume of frivolous responses. The content of a "troll" posting generally falls into several areas. It may consist of an apparently foolish contradiction of common knowledge, a deliberately offensive insult to the readers of a newsgroup or forum or a broad request for trivial follow-up postings.
    There are three reasons why people troll newsgroups or forums:

    People post such messages to get attention, to disrupt newsgroups or forums, and simply to make trouble.
    Career trollers tend for the latter two whilst the former is the mark of the clueless newbie and should be ignored.

    Soliciting and Website Advertising

    If you're only here to solicit members by advertising your website you are in breach of Howard's Rules and your posts will be removed. It's okay to have a link back to your page in your signature as long as you don't make money from your site and if the link doesn't have a referral ID in it, but don't come here just to promote your site. If you become troublesome in this manner, you will be banned.

    If you operate, support, or are employed by a for-profit website, you cannot advertise it. Not in a post, not in your signature. The proper avenue for this is to actually become a HowardForums Advertiser and promote your site in The Marketplace Forum. There is a fee for this service. Contact the Administrator(Howard) for more information.

    Software Piracy

    No links to pirated, cracked or copywritten material & do not attach the files to the site's servers either.

    Pirated software can be defined as cracked firmware, Pirated Java Apps you should be paying for and aren't & any other copyrighted materal as well. Offending posts will be removed and the poster will be issued a warning. Users becoming troublesome in this manner will be banned. Rules like this keep this site out of any trouble so please keep this in mind when posting. Thanks.


    Please do this sort of thing through PM or in an e-mail. Personal attacks, flames and yelling only detract from the quality of the threads and have no place here. The Administrator has deemed that flaming and yelling will ONLY be done in private and has asked people to be respectful of other posters. Keep things productive. People come here to learn, help and get help, not scroll through tasteless arguements. If you're troublesome in this regard you'll will be removed from HoFo.


    The Search feature is a very useful tool. Please utilize it before posting a question. Chances are, it might have been answered already.

    Thank You & Happy Posting!
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