Looking for a little advice. I ordered new service via the web last weekend. My company has a relationship with sprint (they wouldn't be an help my company I mean) that will give me a nice discount on sprint.

Anyway today I get an email saying we are ready to ship your phone, but need some more information, my account # or phone #. Of course since this is new service these don't exist. I chat online with them and they say the problem seems to be that my SS already has an account and that I should contact Corporate care. They can't pull anything on me via SS name or the weird order # I was given.

They pass to me to order support? or something like that but they can't pull anything either. The only people who seem able to pull my order are the online chat guys. But of course by the time I get back to them they are closed. My question is besides the online guys where should I start with this? I'm thinking of going to a store buying and then trying to get my discount on service afterwords. Any Ideas?