I did not think this would ever be this bad, but apparently swapping out a phone through order fulfillment takes longer than 1.5 hrs. Today, I called to have my 8350i replaced, the trackball is recessed (which is was since I got it but did not want to send it back right away in fear that I would get a phone with the same problem) to a point where I hear it wiggling while I walk and talk on it, as well as I have the sensitivity turned all the way up and it still isn't always responsive - so I called today. I am still within my 30 return period for another 5 days so I am good there.
First lady I talked to in phone support - really nice, assured me that my problem would be resolved and then transferred me over to order fulfillment.
I was given the following options: 1) Go to a corporate store for a swap, 2) Return kit sent to me, with an order for a phone behind it soon after, 3) Return kit, order a phone later or something like that (either way not helpful at all so that was a no immediately). I figured the return kit would be best since I called stores in my area and they did not have any devices for immediate swap. After about 1 hr on the phone setting up this return kit, the next step is ordering the new phone - which he says they have to bill the acct. 249.00 + taxes and will receive a credit in up to 3 billing cycles.......WHAT!!! - I told him there is no way in hell I am paying for another phone... I already paid for one, and then to get the credit back in up to 3 months. I then asked if he could use his system to check stock in other stores I did not call. That takes another 10min., comes back and no stores have the phone... therefore, apparently not an option. I then, at this point, ask for a supervisor because I tell him there is no way I am paying for another phone when I was not the one that sent a defective unit to begin with. He says he will get a supervisor to see if this could be done- at this point I am 1.5 hrs into the call. Wait 10 min. for supervisor....... DISCONNECTED. Here's one for you Sprint

It took 1 hr for the guy to call back on the number I gave... I was long and gone - and won't give them anymore of my time. I am going to go to a corporate store tomorrow and set-up the swap there. They won't have it, and that's OK but at least hopefully they can set it up, hold one, and when they receive the unit to give me a call.

I think it's absolutely crazy they want to bill you for a new unit, just to reimburse you in up to 3 billing cycles. I can understand billing the acct. if I don't return it like many other companies do, but they act like they don't have access to the acct. if I do not return it. But, after a 1hr and 40min phone call you think my problem would have been resolved, but nope I am still at point A. I guarantee you I won't be getting a survey for that phone call though...