I am currently using a t-Mobile wing $450 purchased without a contract and buy 1000 minute blocks of time for $100 from t-Mobile. I know it seems strange buy I need the pda aspects of the phone without having a data plan. I am currently thinking about getting one of the more expensive Nokia phones, an N95 8gb, the n82, or a 5800 so I can sync it with my mac using isync. My windows mobile pro based wing no longer syncs with my mac using missing sync, in fact , all my contacts are deleted if I try to sync it, so I have given up . I want to go to another operating system, like symbian to give myself a chance to be able to sync my phone and computer again. I did several searches and could find no mention of people buying expensive phones while using pre paid plans.
I've been looking at the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and some of the N series phones ( 82+95) are the phones I am thinking of buying outright for around $450 us dollars. I wanted to know if there are drawbacks to using these phones without a data plan. My wing (used in the US), does ok without a data plan but most importantly I need to isync it with my mac. These phones seems to be the closest to what I am looking for with isync plugins that are available. I would otherwise be happy with my wing, I just can't sync it. It's a bad feeling when I sync it and all of my contacts are deleted. I have no experience with Nokia phones and symbian os,so I thought I would ask for opinions in a Nokia forum. Are symbian operating systems comparable with Windows mobile pro, and should I stay with a touch screen like the 5800 because i'm used to it?