I heard that Ice Wireless has service up north but its extremely limited & only in the very largest communities in the territories. Is Ice Wireless the only GSM operator in Yukon, NWT, & Nunavut? Is the 3G expansion that Bell & Telus has planned also going to be overlaid in the areas they have service up there? I notice by looking at a tower map for Canada that besides Bell/Telus-owned NorwesTel Mobility & Latitude Wireless (both are CDMA operators, not GSM), there are no GSM options north of about Dawson Creek, BC & High Level, AB. Even Ice Wireless' service is not on that tower map though their web site indicates service in a few locations (none in Yukon anymore though).

What do tourists usually use when they go up there, being that most of the world is GSM or UMTS & a lot of Canada is still CDMA-only, with only the major highways & urban centres having GSM coverage? Would a dual CDMA/GSM phone function with a foreign SIM function fine as many users had to do if they wanted to roam in South Korea or Japan before?