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Thread: vodafone D2 (germany) SIM needing a refill!

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    vodafone D2 (germany) SIM needing a refill!

    Hello all,
    I have a German Voda SIM that I need to buy a refill for, any chance my cousin who is going to Italy in 2 weeks can buy a Voda IT refill for it? I know that theres a 90% chance that it wont work, figuring it was worth a try.
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    You have to give the phone with the sim in it to your cousin as to use a foreign vodafone refil voucher, it has to be done in the country of issue of the voucher but it should work.

    Incidentally, vodafone de does not steal your credit or deactivate the card the same way the French carriers do...merely send one text message every 6 months or so and the card will remain valid indefinitely even if it is not recharged so you can do that and wait till you get to Germany when you will need the card.

    French cards are a different story and their tactics of stealing your credit after a very finite period of time should be outlawed by the eu.