Digital Technology Group, LLC has just released the Eagle Eye Tracker 1.0 for Windows mobile 6.0 or higher. This new software gives advanced tracking capabilities no other tracking device does. For example, this tracker allows you to Navigate yourself to any point on the interactive map. You can click on a desired location on the map and it will auto fill the coordinates in the Navigation command window and when you send the order a compass with a pointing arrow appears pointing the direction of desired destination. There is also a display that shows the distance to the desired destination. The software comes with a free website service for up to 5 tracking devices, the first tracking service without an access service charge to see your tracking devices on the website. You can also invite friends who have the service so you can see them on your account and vise/versa regardless of cell phone carrier. There is a free 15 day trial download, you can also set-up a free account on the website for access on the web.

Check out the latest new tracking technology like no other, it is after all a free trial!

Click here for more info: Eagle Eye Tracker 1.0