I order Primus service on June 20th, the deadline for the Aeroplan bonus offer. My new cellphone arrived today, June 27th. I was disappointed to find that it wasn't programmed yet with my existing cellphone number which I was porting from Virgin. I was told I had to wait for an SMS message, which might arrive today, or "within a couple of days". At the end of the day, no SMS message, so I called back (and waited an hour for service).

The rep told me, after a lengthy delay to check the details, that my request for porting from Virgin had been denied because of an incorrect account number. Virgin doesn't have account numbers for prepaid customers! The telephone number is how they identify you. I'm now told that they will retry the request using my old phone's ESN... but that I will have to wait until July 2nd for service.

Moral of the story - Primus doesn't move very fast. Nor are they very proactive. Why didn't they call me to tell me that my porting request had been denied, or tell me that when I called this morning?