I'd like to remotely connect to a wireless modem (or laptop card) in France.

Does Orange (or Bouygues) offer a data plan that allows remote connectivity? ...ie incoming connection requests to a public IP address.

In other words, I want to leave a laptop with a wireless card/modem at a remote facility in france and then go back to my office & connect to the laptop remotely. I can deal with dynamic dns if required - but that assumes Orange isn't using a proxy or blocking incoming connection requests...

Static IP addresses are also fine but I'm assuming they will cost significantly more so I'd rather avoid them and just go with dynamic dns if it will work.

Sidenote/Example issue: AT&T wireless connections generally have dynamically assigned real/public IP address but AT&T blocks incoming connection requests unless you sign up for a static IP address (so dynamic dns doesn't do you any good). I'm not sure how orange deals with these scenarios (ie do they block incoming requests as well & do you need a static IP address).

Thanks in advance (and thanks for reading this rambling post),