I must say, this is one sexy phone. The design is sleek and has a nice rounded look to it. On the outside, without having to slide it open, there are, i believe if i remember correctly, 11 buttons that are pretty well disguised into the phone.
Quality was alright although its been a while since i had this phone but i dont think it had auto focus.
The sliding function was kind of dumb, the phone could open in your pocket, i ended up getting a case for it to get it to stop. But even with the case, the two buttons that unlock the phone quick out the most so it always unlocked and called people.
Ease of use,
This phone was nice and easy to use just like the previous two SE's i had so this was a good thing.
The directional pad is all one piece and being so large and thin, it cracked after about 3 months of average use.

I will also be adding more to this review when i remember more about it. Just bored at work right now so i figured i'd let you guys know a few things before i forget them ;-)