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Thread: P1i key pad problem

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    P1i key pad problem

    As you may know, the P1i has a rocker keypad.
    Well then, on my p1i the letter "J" dosent work, but "6" and "K" works perfectly fine.

    Does anyone know if this is repairable? or if its an easy repair that i can bring to a cell phone repair shop and have it simply fixed? or am i totally screwed?

    it worked perfectly fine yesterday, and all of a sudden today it crapped out on me

    as you may know its quite inconvenient not having the letter "J" usable as i cant text "J's" or search for contacts with letter starting with a "J".

    if anyone knows anything about this problem please let me know.

    Thank You.

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    It might have dust under it or something Fell in there. Try air blowing it out with a compressor or something, that helped on my P1i since i always had it in my pocket, some keys would get sticky.
    Or maybe you just screwed it up totally :-) which i hope not. Its a kickass phone.