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Thread: HTC Display/Video Driver Issues - Very upsetting if true

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    HTC is committed to delivering a portfolio of devices that offer a wide variety of communication, connectivity and entertainment functionality.
    Translation: We are firm believers in artificial market segmentation. While we could offer some amazing devices for our customers, we make it a point to cripple them in some way so that we can sell them the next product and make more money, rather than provide a quality product.

    HTC does not offer dedicated or optimized multimedia devices and can confirm that its Qualcomm MSM7xxx-based devices do not use ATI’s Imageon video acceleration hardware.
    Sure we advertised that the Kaiser had the new Qualcomm MSM7xxx chipset. Sure, we even mentioned all the great things that chip can do and posted links to the Qualcomm website so our customers could check it out. Sure, we described the Kaiser as a phone that brought multimedia and power use to a new level. We just never said we'd actually USE it. Sure, we gave you every indication that it would all be functional, and we never mentioned that there'd be any crippling of the chip, but really when you think about it, it's the you the customer who is at fault for allowing us to let you assume so. Go f*ck yourselves.

    HTC believes the overall value of its devices based on their combination of functionality and connectivity exceeds their ability to play or render high-resolution video. These devices do still provide a rich multimedia experience comparable to that of most smart phones and enable a variety of audio and video file formats.
    We might get some flack for this, so we're going to go ahead and try to divert the issue by acting like video playback is the only issue caused by the lack of drivers. We're not going to mention how the entire phone is slowed down in daily use, how the screen refresh is atrocious, how there are numerous videos on youtube and which show the Kaiser struggling to keep up not just with video playback but with normal, day to day use, since the video drivers affect EVERY SINGLE THING THAT INVOLVES THE SCREEN. Of course, that'd sort of go against the whole "More powerful than any mobile communications device you've seen before," thing, so we're going to pretend this is all just about playing Quake on your phone.

    HTC values its customers and the overall online community of mobile device enthusiasts and fans. HTC plans to include video acceleration hardware in future video-centric devices that will enable high-resolution video support.
    We here at HTC value you customers for the money you give us. If we fixed this issue like we should have done before shipping it out the door, then you probably wouldn't have as much reason to spend your money on our next product which will include drivers (just as an aside here, I still can't believe people like Urban Strata and others are actually fine with saying that from now on it's perfectly ok to have to make sure phones actually provide drivers for Christ's sake). So we're not going to do that. But seriously, we'd just LOVE to have you spend another $700 on our next model. Scouts honor, we'll make sure to put the drivers in that one. We'll even include a transflective VGA screen (though we reserve the right to leave out the connection to it, that'll come in the version after it).

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    ^^^^ I tend to see things how BlowFish sees them too.

    I skipped a couple phone generations going from a JAM to the Tilt. The Tilt is a great phone stability wise but not being able to play WMV files with WinDoH!s Media Player, that doesn't really seem like a "rich multimedia experience" to me.
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