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    Thanks to Howard, we, the Alltel Forum, now have our own BST subforum! This may change, depending on how things go, but we'll keep you up to date.

    Here's a copy of the rules from the BST, which also apply here. They are altered only to remove rules that don't apply. This subforum is *only* for phones and phone accessories. Feedback is appreciated, and questions can be PM'd to tearsonurcheek or myself, or posted in the main Alltel forum.

    By using this free service you recognize that the Administration,, can in no way be held liable for the accuracy of statements made by users of the service, or any claims arising from transactions made by users of the service.

    These rules are subject to change without notice. Threads may be moved, removed or edited without warning. Bans will be issued without prior notification when rules are broken.
    If your thread disappears or you get banned, review the rules to see why this has happened. Reposting identical content will just result in another ban, so please revisit it before posting again.

    You are NOT allowed to:

    create multiple threads for the same item. Bump an existing thread for it after 24 hours.
    cross-post within the BST forums for the same item(s)
    sell items in bulk
    sell more than two (2) brand new phones or five (5) used phones within a 30-day period
    sell items on behalf of others or sell items not in your possession
    post links to your auction in eBay or sell an item in the form of an auction

    You are REQUIRED to:
    post an absolute selling price for all items (please include the currency)
    keep your threads consolidated instead of creating one for each item you're selling

    Other things to note:
    If a member's PM box is full, or if your PM box is full, do not post a notification in this forum.
    You are not able to reply to someone else's BST thread. Only the original poster may reply to his/her own thread.
    You have two hours to edit your thread. After this period, you will have to wait until you are able to bump your thread and post the correction (which is after 24 hours)
    To avoid any difficulties or disputes down the road, please be very accurate in your post. Here is a sample of what information needs to be posted:
    Price (and Currency):
    Accessories included:
    Additional details:
    -- To avoid confusion over whether a deal is still available, threads will now be locked after 7 days without a reply. Please update your thread within that timeframe for as long as it is still available. If being temporarily unavailable results in a locked thread, PM Freddy Flash or tearsonurcheek to request the thread unlocked.

    Please practice BST wisely. Be sure to read the following useful links:

    Tips for a Safe BST Transaction

    The Howard Forums Hall of Shame (List of Scammers)

    The Fraud Forum - keep informed of current scams happening around you.

    Howard Chui
    Founder and Editor in Chief of,
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    Rules updated to allow thread bumping after 24 hours instead of 48. This matches the main B/S/T forum rules.

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    New rule: In order to avoid confusion and minimize PM's over deals that are no longer valid, from now on, members should update their own thread as long as the deal is valid. Any thread without a reply for 7 days will be locked, as the deal will be assumed withdrawn. If the lack of update is due to an unforeseen emergency, when you return, you can PM Freddy or myself and we will unlock the thread.

    This is only to prevent people from needlessly PM'ing members about deals that have been completed or withdrawn. In addition, please remember to update your thread if the phone is sold or withdrawn, whether it's sold here or outside of HoFo.