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Thread: Verizon Updates Data Pricing Model

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    Verizon Updates Data Pricing Model

    Verizon Wireless Alters Data Pricing Model

    Today, 4:48 PM source: Verizon Wireless

    Verizon Wireless has quietly updated the way it will charge subscribers for the mobile web and data usage. Under the old plan, users were charged a $5 monthly fee to access the mobile web, and then minutes of use when browsing and downloading content. Under the new plan, access to the mobile web comes with all NationWide voice plans for free, and users will no longer be charged by the minute to surf. Instead, users will be charged by the megabyte. Each megabyte consumed will cost $1.99. As an example, Verizon noted that if users view 50 mobile web pages, it will count for approximately 0.6 MB, or if users download a ringtone, it will count approximately 0.2 MB. Users will still have to pay for content such as games, ringtones and other applications as before. Data can also be bundled in $15 and $25 packs of services, both of which include unlimited megabytes. Customers' existing contracts will not be altered with this new model. It applies to new customers only.


    seems like a few years backward for verizon.
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    Yeah, Verizon spent millions on a packet switched data in 2001, and waited until 2007 to stop charging for it as if it were a circuit switched data network.

    That said, it's about time, and the casual usage rate of $1.99 a MB is an order of magnitude cheaper than the $.02 per kilobyte (or $20 per megabyte) that other carriers charge if you go without a data plan.

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