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Thread: Help: Do Series 80 apps need to be Symbian Signed???

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    Help: Do Series 80 apps need to be Symbian Signed???

    Could someone who knows for sure, please tell me whether application development for Series 80 communicators is restricted by Symbian Signed, the same way Series 60v3 is??

    I had presumed that the OS was too old and predated that requirement, but now suddenly I am seeing all sorts of references to s80 signed all over the net.

    Will unsigned apps install and run perfectly on s80? Or are they limited in any way in what functions they have access and permission to use? Is there at least an on-phone option to disable the need for signed certificates and allow the full unrestricted running of unsigned apps?

    Please, any definitive answer to this question would be greatly appreciated. I know that Series60v2 was completely free of the need for signed certificates, and I would like to know how close Series80 comes to that freedom. Thanks very mch for any replies..

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    you get a warning if the app is not signed. You can still choose whether or not to install.
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