I've had this phone sitting in the box since I got it a couple of weeks ago. S60 just isn't my thing, I'm going to stick with Sony Ericssons for a while.

Phone is used, bought it from another seller here on Ho-Fo. Screen has a few of the normal very light scratches, and the two of the corners of the actual phone have one or two nicks, really small though.

Comes with...

Black N80
2 GB MiniSD card (or w/e card the phone takes)
European Charger with a U.S. adaptor
Stereo headset
adaptor to let you use standard headphones also
USB cable (although I think its the wrong one, its a USB to mini USB cable which doesn't seem to fit anywhere)

Shipped FedEx ground, insured. Add 10 USD for shipping to Canada, and other internation shipping I'll have to look into.