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Thread: █████ REVISED FEEDBACK Rules (on No-Shows): Read this to ensure your feedback stays

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    REVISED FEEDBACK Rules (on No-Shows): Read this to ensure your feedback stays

    Here are some guidelines in leaving members feedback:

    1) When creating a thread for a member or for yourself, just type in the username in the thread title and nothing else. Threads created with extraneous characters will be removed.

    2) Do not create a new feedback thread for a member without looking for an existing one first. If there is an existing thread, just post a reply to it.

    3) Neutral feedback may now be left for people who do not show up for a BST meet without a valid explanation.

    4) If a member creates multiple usernames to leave himself/herself fabricated feedback, a permanent ban will be issued to all usernames created. It speaks volumes of how dishonest a member can be. This ban cannot and will not be lifted, and an IP ban will follow.

    5) Leaving false feedback for someone intended as a joke will also result in a permanent ban.

    6) Remember to post the following information:
    -- The item that was sold/bought/traded for
    -- Whether it's a positive/negative/neutral feedback
    -- A few words to describe the member, supporting the rating you gave him/her

    Here are other helpful/related links:

    Protect Yourself From Scams: BST Tips
    List of SCAMMERS
    Report a Scam
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