Can someone post original message tones from Audiovox CDM8900? From Settings > Sounds > Ringer Type > Messages > Text Tones > Tone 1; Tone 2; Tone 3; Tone 4; Tone 5; (All five midi tones). Or maybe someone has a link where they're posted?

I have the cable and the software passed around here, but I've never been able to get any of it to work (I've only been able to use the phone as a dialup modem)... I've moved on to another phone, but I'd like use the midi message tones from CDM8900 on another phone, I've simply grown to them.

I'm sure someone has them on their HD, as I've seen numerous posters dissecting the phone's software. Could someone help me out please? I'd greatly appreciate it. I can't find the original tones on google either for some reason.