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Thread: Firmware Upgrade Basics

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    Firmware Upgrade Basics

    This is for those of you who want to know more about doing a f/w upgrade on your Siemens mobile fones. Below I have copy pasted some basic information on doing firmware upgrades. Special Thanks to "Justask" for posting this information in a previous post in the Siemens Forum.

    "Note of Caution: You can easily render your phone useless if you're not 100% sure you know what you are doing. If you decide to update the firmware on any phone yourself, make sure you have a copy of the original firmware for backup. Also ensure you have a full (100%) battery charge and you have the proper cable and port settings (including TX rate and parity settings) required. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the upgrade (they may NOT always be in English).

    If the upgrade fails at any time during the process, do NOT unplug the data cable or power down the phone. Restart the update until it completes.

    You should know that neither the manufacturer, your service provider, nor your point of purchase seller are going to take the phone back if it doesn't work after the update! Likewise, I accept no responsibilty for any action you take with the information provided here.

    Also note that when doing a firmware upgrade on your mobile use an official release from Siemens. Using cracked firmware can fry your fone and leave you with an expensive paper weight.

    Basically you're on your consider yourself warned!
    Bottom line: If it ain't broke...don't try to fix it!"

    For all the S55 users:

    If you are a new S55 user and have factory firmware version 04 installed and curious where you can find the latest firmware update for your fone log onto

    For those of you who have upgraded to f/w vsn 012 or the official version of 016 will have noticed that you need not choose a com port speed. It is basically attach cables click next and it does all the work itself. For those who haven't upgraded their f/w from factory version 04 and want to do so... f/w vsn 016 extremely stable, fixes the bugs from vsn 012 and very easy to install. As usual a bonus on f/w vsn 016 is that you can choose your T9 language.

    For those of you who ask "What's the benefit of using f/w 016?"
    Well according to Siemens upgrading will give you the following benefits:

    - Improved memory access and CPU usage to secure low power consumption
    - Optimized structure of various sub menu items
    - Enhanced handling of accessories
    - Updated Java and sound functionalities
    - Improved overall software stability through technical enhancements
    - With this new firmware the s55 supports incoming MMS bigger than 50 KB

    For those of you who may ask " I just installed a previous firmware version, do I really have to upgrade again?" The answer is no... if you are satisfied with your mobiles performace then there really is no need. However note that some firmware has bugs and upgrading to a new version will correct those issues.

    Firmware vsn 016 is very stable as is and there are no major significant differences between this vsn and the last. However the 2 most noticable differences noticed by many from the previous firmware version are:

    1)When your mobile rings it will not stop even when you answer the call. The odd thing about the problems with vsn 012 is that it doesn't affect all s55 fones. Many people have been satisfied with vsn 012 and find it extremely stable while some have had to roll back to vsn 011. Firmware vsn 016 corrects that issue.

    2) With firmware vsn 011 and 012 there was a voice sensitivity issue where recording voice tags could get quite frustrating. That issue has also been corrected with vsn 016.

    Lastly... there are some other updates that may require you to choose a com port speed. Many users have had problems when setting the speed at 115200. If you experience the same I suggest you try 57600 with flow control set to hardware and all should go smoothly. (Thanks to Mantis5 for the tip on that one)

    S56 and S57 users can find official firmware upgrades at the My Siemens website The firmware for these fones are different so please do not try to load firmware for the s55 into your s56/57 handset.
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    how to check firmware version on SL56.
    if I flash my handset with Cingular v11 firmware can I then unlock it again..

    I have SL56 that was unlocked off Rogers. with my Fido chip it is not finding the 850mhz Rogers network or any tail of Rogers at all, even though Treo 600 sees it fine.

    I suspect firmware of handset may need looking at. This one should be default Rogers firmware I am having.. but after Kevin unlocked it, the contents were clean I suspect he just flashed it with default firmware.. not sure.. any advice thanks.

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    Can the firmware upgrade work for teh cx65? ( i know old fone)

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    hi every one i got a DCA-540 usb cable for my siemens c65 mobile when i installed the cd and connected the cable with pc, it says in mpm that no telephone is conneced.
    i opend device maneger there is yellow box on the siemense mobile driver option what i do i have reinstalled it so many times but nothing hapens good please help meeeeeee