i tried asking this question on another area of this forum with no luck but felt i might get more help here. i have just got a phone replacement and have V05 and am wanting to put my own ring tones on my phoone like i was able to before. i have been searching around and have a pretty good idea how to do it, i have just a couple of problems... i have LGdownload and also the 8500 dll. i have the phone pluged in and open lgdownload, i click the dll box with the check mark, then the one without. i then double click the 8500 dll. i then click the NV edit button and say ok. it starts doin its thing and then always gets stuck at 33% until the little load bar just disapears. im pretty sure its just freezing and then timing out cuz after this happens i open bitpim and i still get the access denied. i searched the official V05 post and couldnt find anyone with my same problem. any help would be awesome! thanks in advance!