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Thread: LG MX510 (Iusacell, LatinAmerica?) Put your Ringtones & Wallpapers

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    LG MX510 (Iusacell, LatinAmerica?) Put your Ringtones & Wallpapers

    Since I been searching for info and most of it I got from here, its a way to say thanks.
    Then for those who look the same as me, I put here a little guide to put ringtones and wallpapers to avoid paying for it. I do it in LG MX510 from Iusacell carrier in Mexico, its similar to VX8100 of Verizon. The difference are in the Filesystem folders, they are not the same.

    1.Get BitPim, USB Cable,USB Driver and a Hex Editor
    2.Get your files, Sounds (MP3(<30secs),QCP, MID) and Iamges (PNG(176x204))
    3.From de FileSystem in BitPim, save (right click & save) "snd.dat" and "img.dat" in your computer.

    4.Backup those files, if you fail in the process you can restore with them.
    5.Open your hex editor and open your file,in this case "img.dat"
    6.As you see, your actual files are there, you need to add new lines, I recomend (since I learn to use the program an hour ago) copy from the first letter "h" in my case, to one space before the next letter "g".

    7.Then, put the cursor in ther first "h", and copy it. All the lines will be new.
    8.Rename the first letter you recently put to the next alphabetical "h" -> "i"
    9.Put the name as it show "brew/shared/picturename.png"
    10.Save it
    11.Delete the file from the phone with BitPim, then upload the new creation "snd.dat"
    12.Go to the folder "shared" and "right click->new file",then search the file you put with the hex editor, in my case "picturename.png"
    13.When you do this, they intantly appear in the File->Images Menu.
    14.Do it as many ringtones or images you want.
    15.Both files Sounds and Images in Shared Folder.

    Later I will try to explain better.

    I tried to put the sounds and images in the Brew->Lock Folder but it was protected, i suppose that if you use SPC it could be modified.
    I tried to put the sounds and images in the Brew->Unlock folder but when you restart your phone the files disappear, maybe its a temporary folder.
    Shared folder dont deletes anything, but i dont know the space in this folder, since when you check it through Menu->Tools->Files->Memory->Phone", the memory usage is not reflected there. (How many memory can the phone have?, when i fill it I post it)

    Im not responsable if you kill your phone, It works for mine. (Bought 14Oct2006)

    I was dissapointed with this phone, I want an EVDO phone, but paying for everything sucks, my last phone Samsung VM-A680 was all free and was a good phone, now with this, im happy again with my new phone.

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    Unhappy Question about lg mx510

    I just have a question, I mean i already know how tu upload pictures and mp3 to my cell phone, but what i haven't been able to figure it out is:

    HOW CAN I MAKE A MP3 THE DEFAULT RING TONE??? or how can i unlocked THE lock folder in the bitpim software??

    this cell phone really sucks..!! i mean i had a cheaper one and i could do anything i wanted..!!