This is a small little How 2

first of all u need get the games.

Using pc studio transfer the .jar & .jad files to Other files.

Using memorycard put the .Jar and .jad files onto the memory card in "other files". Then once the card is in the phone, open the other files on the memory card then copy files to phone.

Once that is done go back to the standby screen.

the type in


then select Install MIDlet

it will now ask for a password

once that is done then select the jad file

the press install.

Then goto app's > java world> my games

now ur ready 2 play.

Hope this helps.

It worked on the orignal firmeware, and the new russian one
credit to: rustymoto on mobile-review forum.

i found this in mobile-review forums. it said this is for E900 but it works for T609 because i try it and i can install games now!

i hope this helps!!! now enjoy all the games you can but on t609