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    Bring your own device - why is the Samsung Galaxy A52 not supported?

    It's supported, it's just not on the list for some reason. I have one and it works perfectly with Google Fi.
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    How is Red Pocket now? Should I switch?

    I've been with Airvoice for years, but it was bought by another company last year, and it has been nothing but problems ever since. I'm using AT&T phone for AT&T coverage and thinking about switching to Red Pocket, but read a lot of bad reviews about them. Are they true? It used to be a good...
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    Are there any Airvoice dealers or resellers on this forum?

    I can't get to their customer service to activate my new SIM card, and they don't answer my emails. In February I got a text from them that I need a new SIM card because of 5G service, they mailed me the SIM card, but I can't activate it since nobody is available at the customer service. With...
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    How do I purchase pay-as-you-go minutes on the new Airvoice website???

    never mind, please delete this thread
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    How will 2017 At&t 2G shutdown affect Airvoice?

    How would I know if my old At&t flip phone will work after 2G shutdown next year? It is Samsung A847 Rugby II, has both 2G and 3G, 2G bands GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G bands HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100. Does it mean that it will be OK????
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    Low balance - no data???

    I accidentally discovered that when my pay-as-you-go balance falls under $2, my data gets turned off! I can still make calls, but can't connect to the internet. This rule is not written anywhere on the website, or am I missing something?
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    Simple reliable flip phone with internet for parents?

    I'm looking to buy a simple flip phone for my parents to use when they visit me from another country. I tried several AT&T phones with Airvoice SIM - voice and text works OK, but internet doesn't. It seems that they are not being able to be programmed over the air, and it's not possible to...
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    Traffic app for Los Angeles area with accidents description?

    I'm looking for a traffic app with accidents description for Los Angeles area. Maps app doesn't have accidents, only traffic indicators... I used to have old Google maps on my old Win 6 phone, and it had them. I tried several traffic apps from Microsoft store, but none of them really have...
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    Nokia 635 pre-paid vs. post-paid AT&T

    Does anybody know is there any difference between Nokia 635 pre-paid Go Phone and regular contract version? Is it the same phone, or AT&T modified it somehow for pre-paid?
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    Better coverage in Los Angeles/Orange County area: T-Mobile or ATT MVNOs?

    I want to switch from Page Plus to a GSM MVNO, maybe Platinumtel or H20. I really like Page Plus's Verizon coverage but their paygo data rates are ridiculous, and I'm a very low user which doesn't justify a monthly plan. But I'm concerned about coverage, especially inside the buildings. My...
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    How is P-tel coverage in Los Angeles metro area (Orange County, San Bernardino)?

    I live in LA metro area and thinking of switching to P-tel from Page Plus with new Moto G. But I heard all kinds of horror stories about T-Mobile phones not working inside the buildings, spotty coverage, etc. Does somebody lives in Orange County who can can confirm or deny it? I'll be mainly...
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    Windows 8 Verizon phone on Page Plus?

    What about Win 8 phones, like HTC 8x? Is it possible to activate it or any other Windows phone on Page Plus?
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    Text spamming - is there a way to avoid being charged?

    I'm on the standard plan, and I started getting a lot of spam texts lately. I installed a text filtering app on my HTC Ozone (WM 6.1), it works, but I'm still getting charged for these spam texts. Is it always going to be the case, or are there any apps for WM that would stop these texts before...
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    Balance message AFTER the phone call???

    This week weird thing started to happen - I started to hear balance message not only before starting the call, but also after finishing the call. The same female voice says something like "The other party disconnected. You balance is... You have ..... days until refilling your account". I can't...
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    Porting PP cell phone number to landline?

    I'd like to port my Page Plus cell phone number to my landline and get another number for my cell phone. My landline number is AT&T. How do I go about it? Do I call first At&T or Page Plus? Did anybody ever done something like this?
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    Will old Verizon phones be obsolete soon? What aboutn MVNOs then?

    I read at that next generation Verizon's fast-speed network, LTE (4G), will have LTE SIM-cards, just like GSM phones do now: The new network is supposed to roll out as soon as...
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    Mingo Wireless questions

    I recently switched to Mingo, and I have some questions to people who already use it: - How do I check my balance on the phone in dollars, not minutes? Is there a way to add voice prompt, like on Page Plus? - How often the balance is updated on the website? - How can I see my call history? -...
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    Best choice of local numbers?

    Hi, I'm planning to open Boost account with a new Boost phone, but I'm afraid I may get a number with a different area code than my home phone, since the area code numbers in my area were quite recently split. What would be the better way to make sure I'll get a desired area code - activate by...
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    Pantech PN-820 - how to change voicemail #?

    I looked everywhere, even went to the service menu - don't seem to find a way to change Verizon's voice mail number to Page Plus's. What am I missing??? :doh:
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    Easy-breezy Internet on Samsung Smooth SCH-U350 - NO additional software required!

    We got this cheapy phone to test PP service for my husband, and I was too lazy to order a cable from the Internet or download complicated software, so after several hours of web searching I found out how Internet can be enabled on it just by pressing some phone phone buttons and changing hidden...