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    Customer Service - best time to call

    Apparently T-Mobile uses both US based customer service and out sourced customer service. Is there anyway to get the US based service (like calling at a particular time of day). I keep getting the out sourced ones. Thank you.
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    International Travel Concerns

    Still trying to figure that out. Probably UK, Germany and Switzerland for starters. My one plan has a promo for a free line attached to it. I talked to a rep and the rep said I was covered in the 200 countries but reps have been wrong before so I thought I would ask in this forum. I don't care...
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    International Travel Concerns

    Thanks for the info. I have the One Plan and the rep told me that I am covered minus the phone calls (25 cents per min). The rep also said that I would get 5 gigs of hi speed data and then get throttled after that but there would be no overages in those countries listed.
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    International Travel Concerns

    So I will be doing some traveling in different countries. According to the T-Mobile site I am covered internationally in over 200 countries. The countries I will be in are on that list. Should I be concerned that it not as simple as that and I am going to get a major roaming overage. I have read...
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    T-Mobile F451 error message

    Hello. Trying to log into via on a pc and I am getting a F451 error wires crossed message. Does anybody know what that means. I tried 3 different browsers (edge, chrome, firefox), cleared the cache and cookies with no luck. Thanks for any help.
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    Switching back and forth between Android and IOS devices

    Hi everyone. I am currently on an android phone on the Tmobile Network and am considering switching to an Iphone for work purposes. If I am not happy with IOS I will switch back. Are there any issues that I should know when switching devices back and forth like this (aka not receiving text...
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    Traveling international

    Hi There I have Tmobile service and I will be traveling to Greece and Italy this summer. What is the best way to use my phone without getting a huge bill in the end (ie international plan)? Thank you George
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    Register a cell spot

    Hello. I bought one of those personal cell spots off ebay and I want to use it. Tmobile won't register it for me because I did not get it from them. I got it from ebay because tmobile was gonna charge me 400 dollars if the one they were gonna send me ever got damaged so I elected to get it from...
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    need a little advice - phones and band 71

    I am either going to buy the note 8 or V30. I would be happy with either but I like the fact that the v30 supports the new band (71). Should I base a decision to buy a phone on whether its supports that band or not? Will Los Angeles be getting that band anytime soon or are we still a couple of...
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    Play store downloading

    My data is fine. Netflix and Google maps work fine. But i cannot download from the playstore manually unless I am on wifi. Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Thank you. Sent from my SM-N920T using HoFo mobile app
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    SMS over wifi?

    Is there a way to send SMS messages over wifi. The cell phone signal in my office building is bad but I do have wifi. Thank you.
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    Looking for advice on battery drain

    I recently started a new job and the office that i am in has 1 or 2 bars of service. The data jumps back and forth between LTE and 4G. Because of this the battery tends to drain a lot faster. Anybody have any fps on how to deal with this? Thank you.
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    Tmobile Customer service

    Are they using an outsourced company. I called them last night to talk about the kickback and the rep had no idea what I was talking about and he sounded like he was somewhere else in the world?
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    Kickback question and the new 3 line promo

    I just signed up for the 3 line promo. 2 of the lines will be 15gig users. The third line will be less than 1 gig. I was looking at the kickback setting and noticed its defaulted to off. If I turn it on will that impack this new promo in any way? (Figured if I could another $10 I would). Thanks...
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    Cannot make outgoing calls to Tmobile lines in Los Angeles

    I cannot make outgoing calls to Tmobile lines in Los Angeles. I can receive calls from tmobile line but cannot can call back. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thank yo.
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    Weird Problem

    Can anyone fugue this one out. I have a note 5 and it was working fine. I went to use it and noticed the LTE disappeared from my phone, The phone showed Tmobile and then it showed not registering on the Tmobile Network and it was searching for a signal. I could not receive calls, If I restart...
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    Receiving multiple messages at the same time question

    Hello...If I am at a conference and I ask 2000 people to send me their info all at one via text messages (dont ask why) will I receive them all or will verizon just randomly drop messages becasue there is so many. Thank you.
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    My current plan question

    Hello I need a little help. On the tmobile website under my current plan says "Total Data - 7.9 all on network data" and "Data 4.5/Unlimited". 1) What is the difference 2) Why do I not see hot spot data anymore? Thank you.
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    Logo on lock screen

    My Note 5 has the tmobile logo in the notification area. Does anyone know how to tun that off? Thank you.
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    T-Mobile logo on lock screen

    Is there a way to remove the T-Mobile logo on the lock screen without rooting the device? Thank you.